DrGulewicz was created out of a deep need to change the business education industry and the desire to provide reliable knowledge combined with transformative development experience.

FeMBA (Female Executives MBA) is Dr. Gulewicz’s signature program aimed at women in leadership roles – entrepreneurs and executives in companies.

This program is a development accelerator that combines elements of:

  • personal development (mindset)
  • development of key leadership competencies (skillset)
  • building a network of strategic contacts (network)
  • business consulting
  • mentoring.

When we started our joint development adventure in January last year, the world looked completely different. So there was no question of a standard approach in disconnection from the changing realities. The program was immediately adapted to the current needs of the participants and the dynamic economic situation.

I am very moved by the transformation that we could observe together, which took place almost from meeting to meeting. We talked about development and motivating employees, but also about leadership in times of crisis. About cost management and how this crisis cannot be wasted in order to come out of it even stronger” – said Dr. Gulewicz in the summary of this edition of the program.


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