DrGulewicz is a modern digital leadership development platform created & founded by Dr. Maria Magdalena Gulewicz. With this platform for growth, we are providing a premier transformative business education experience for game-changing entrepreneurs and corporate executives.  


Our mission is to develop leadership among business leaders, enabling them to bring positive changes in their communities, improve their companies’ performance, remain true to their values, and preserve the quality of their lives and health.


We combine timeless leadership principles with modern strategies for the ever-changing digital world.

Our programs and courses draw from established academic knowledge and rely on robust scientific methods, avoiding catchy slogans, theoretical speculations, and potentially harmful trends in the Learning & Development field.

DrGulewicz’s approach focuses on achieving tangible results and genuine transformation. Our methodology is built on conveying sound scientific knowledge in an understandable and friendly manner, supported by both practical business and academic experience

Maria Magdalena Gulewicz

Dr. Gulewicz is renowned for her knowledge and influence in empowering business leaders worldwide to strengthen their leadership skills.

She holds a doctorate in management and an MBA from Central Connecticut State University (USA) as well as an academic background in law and two psychology faculties.

As a mother, investor, and author/co-author of business-related books such as “How to Regain Lost Effectiveness” (INFOR), she brings a wealth of diverse experiences to her work.

She has honed her skills in the digital realm and the development of online entrepreneurship under the guidance of renowned experts with established reputations, including figures like Kelly Roach (USA) and Sigrun (Switzerland), whose knowledge and experience are esteemed worldwide.

With over 20 years of business experience, including Fortune 100 companies, she seamlessly integrates these diverse areas.