Mindset is the key to your success. In this post I want to walk you through on how to work on your limiting beliefs.

You could have the best strategy in the world. The best coach in the world. The best program in the world but if your mindset is in a place where you just don’t believe in your own success, nothing good will happen. Simply because you don’t get what you want, you get what you believe. 

I will give you an example right away because I think we work best with examples and analogies. 

Someone who always say they don’t have enough money basically creates the circumstances again and again. 

I see a lot of people well educated with a good job using still the same struggling sentences like: 

“I don’t have money for this”, or “I can not afford it”.  

And that’s the struggling mindset. Scarcity mindset. 

No matter how much money they earn, they feel they don’t have any money. 

And I want you to really think about that because your beliefs are driving your decisions. 

So, in this post I want to teach each one of you how to work with shifts in your mindset. How to control them, and how to increase your awareness of your beliefs.  

So let’s begin with how our mindset develops. 

Limiting Beliefs: How our mindset develops

There are some stories that you tell yourself or somebody told you originally or something happened but basically, it becomes like a hard drive in your computer. 

Something happens and you make a story in your mind. 

That story is potentially not true. But for you it is. 

So you make up the story in your mind from something that you saw or experienced or somebody said something. And from that story, you have a belief. 

I remember at preliminary school my math teacher did everything she could to teach me that I don’t know anything about math. And I will tell you something crazy now. I believed this was true until my 30s. I didn’t realize tha but whenever there was a need to calculate something I was not even trying to do the math. And one day my friend asked me to make some simple calculations and I quickly replied: “No. I don’t know math”. He hold his breath for a while and asked me: “Could you please remind me one more time what you do for a living?” And I responded without even thinking about this “I manage costs at the bank”. 

And it hit me that moment! 

Because I’ve heard what I just said and realized that I know math quite well. In fact, I was obsessed with figures and excel files. Not only do I know how to put figures together but also know how to translate them into decisions that saved millions of dollars.

It took eight years for my teacher to make this belief solid in my mind. But very often it takes just one incident to believe that something is a universal law – something about the world, about something, or about someone or about yourself.

So, now let’s take a look at how to change our mindset. 

I’m not saying it’s easy. It requires a lot of work. And reading this post will not change your mindset. But it’s good for you to be aware of how to start that change. 

Even if you feel you have a perfect mindset. Let’s be honest nobody has a perfect mindset, there’s always gonna be some limiting belief. 

So, the most important thing now is you need to discover the one limiting belief that is holding you back the most right now. 

Then we would hopefully remember where that comes from but if not- guesstimate. 

And then find the evidence of the opposite and create a new story that supports a new belief. 

How to work with limiting beliefs

That is the recipe.

But don’t expect everything will change overnight. Slowly you will see the change in your life.

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