Individual Leadership Development Program

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Know Yourself to Exert Conscious Influence on Your Future and Business.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

“In the modern world, to be an effective leader, you need to be authentic. You have to be yourself.

However, to be yourself, you first need to become SOMEONE.”

Embark on a transformational journey to discover yourself and understand others, exerting a lasting and conscious influence on your future, organization, and the people around you.




Know yourself in order to consciously direct your actions and make more accurate decisions. Expand your self-awareness and understanding of your impact on others.



Acquire new knowledge to achieve better results and maintain competitiveness in the market. Gain: a better understanding of the business environment, develop more effective responses, and accurately anticipate behaviors and events.



Discover new, practical, and reliable tools that will help you better manage your team, make better decisions, and effectively solve problems.



Expand your perspective and unlock your thinking to flexibly respond to changes, adapt to new situations, and approach emerging challenges more constructively.

Totally New Experience

NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP is an intensive, individual leadership development program that combines elements of consulting, mentoring, coaching, and self-work.

It’s a 10-week program where, in an atmosphere of trust and respect, you will receive the necessary tools and support to consciously influence others and develop your natural authority.

This is a transformative program that results in real changes in daily business practice, as well as a visible and lasting shift in perspective and awareness.

Effective Method


Leadership is one of life's most beautiful experiences.

Most leaders begin their journey by striving for excellence in execution (‘Doing’).

Subsequently, leaders shift their focus to shaping their identity and developing their leadership skills (‘Being Someone’).

The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest level of leadership through continuous improvement and realizing one’s full potential as the ‘Best Version of Themselves’ in a leadership role.

Only when you operate with a combination of your purpose, values, strengths, and disciplined self-awareness you can achieve true and lasting excellence in leadership.

Dr. Maria M. Gulewicz

For whom?

This advanced leadership development program is designed for experienced managers who want to refine their skills in self-management.

It is also intended for managers holding higher executive positions, who need to operate beyond their current functional knowledge and focus on shaping the organization’s strategy and effectively leading people.

Authorship Program

At the core of truly effective leadership is how a leader navigates the complexity and diversity of phenomena in the environment where their business operates.

The Next Level Leadership Program aids in transforming leadership and managerial practices to remain effective in a world of paradoxes and consciously influence, with care for the impact we leave on people and the planet.

This multifaceted program is based on scientifically supported models and theories, adhering to academic methodological criteria. It is free from speculation, trendy buzzwords, and pretentiousness.

Know Yourself
Open the door to a better understanding of yourself and the people around you. Discover the secrets of your own behavior, understand why you make specific decisions, and identify your needs. Let's begin this transformative journey of personal development by uncovering your psychological profile.
Your strengths and weaknesses
The result of this session is a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how they can impact the challenges and interpersonal relationships that arise in your life.
Managing Yourself Under Stress
During this session, you will gain the tools and knowledge necessary for effectively managing yourself in stressful situations. You will understand how to avoid thinking traps and identify triggers. By uncovering your core relational conflict theme, you will make better decisions and maintain an open mind while staying calm in difficult situations.
Managing Relationships
During this session, you will acquire the tools and knowledge necessary for effective relationship management. You will understand people's dynamics, learn to identify interpersonal manipulations, and avoid getting caught in a dramatic triangle. By recognizing these games and patterns, you will be better equipped to manage interpersonal relationships.
Leadership Style
You will analyze your leadership style and receive 360-degree feedback. You will enhance your effectiveness by adapting your leadership style to the situation, intended goals, and context.
Get to Know Your Organization
Discover Your Organization: Understand its history, culture, language, and main narratives. Adjust your expectations and align your decisions and actions with the company's context to achieve planned results.

Business leaders from various industries have participated in this program to develop a profound understanding of themselves in a way they have never experienced before.

Thanks to the program’s unique formula, they have expanded their perspective and forever transformed their approach to leadership.

With a personalized approach, the program helps achieve higher levels of awareness in their leadership roles and provides individual support in achieving development goals.

What makes us different?

We deliver a high-quality leadership development experience in programs focused on tangible results.

In our programs:

Benefits for Your Company

For over 20 years, Dr. Gulewicz has delved into the intricacies of leadership. She has done so as a member of the Top Management in a FORTUNE100 company, as a researcher with an MBA, a doctorate in management, and two faculties in social psychology for business. She is also a highly esteemed academic lecturer.

Her specialization lies in supporting business leaders who have the courage to stand in their authenticity and integrity with their held values, in order to effect the changes they are called to make – improving the quality of life for people in their communities and increasing the company’s profits.

How to apply?

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You can apply to the program by submitting an online application. We strive to ensure the best match between candidates and programs, which is why the application process is not automatic, and spots in this program are limited. We encourage you to apply in advance.

We accept applications for the NLL program throughout the year. We recommend submitting your application at least one month before the program starts to ensure proper scheduling.

We will respond to your application within 48 hours. Upon receiving it, we will schedule a brief online meeting with Dr. Gulewicz via the Zoom platform. During this meeting, we will assess how we can tailor the program to your needs and discuss collaboration possibilities.

During the program, there will be a total of 6 live sessions with Dr. Gulewicz via the Zoom platform. The session schedule is arranged on an individual basis.

The program takes 8-10 weeks. 

You will have unlimited access to the Mobile Educational Platform, which includes exercises, video and audio materials, handbooks, reprints of articles from industry magazines, handouts, infographics, quizzes, assessments, and summaries of bestselling business books. You will also receive all future program updates.

Yes, both the platform and live sessions are accessible through mobile apps.

You can reschedule sessions with a 24-hour notice. However, the program cannot extend beyond 10 weeks.

At any point during the program, you can choose to discontinue, but there will be no refund of fees.

If you have additional questions, please write to us at:

Invest in Yourself

apply to next level leadership program

The most flexible

2 monthly payments of

1 100 USD

The best offer

One-time payment

2 000 USD


To inquire about working with Dr. Maria Magdalena Gulewicz personally, please complete this brief form.

Scholarship Program

Every year, we offer one fully funded scholarship and one 50% scholarship for participation in the Next Level Leadership program.

The scholarships are awarded to women to promote diversity and increase their representation in leadership.

To qualify, you must be a leader who:

  • Meets the admission criteria for the Next Level Leadership Program.
  • Has the potential and strong motivation for leadership development.
  • Has a track record of success as a team manager.
  • (Preferred) Comes from a non-profit organization, preferably a local one.
  • (Preferred) Serves as a role model for socially engaged leadership.

Applications for scholarships for the Next Level Leadership Program can be submitted year-round. To apply for a scholarship, please send your application to with a description of your situation and motivation for participating in the program.

Candidates for the scholarship program are evaluated based on their written application and supplemental references. Selected candidates are invited for an initial interview.

The scholarships are funded from DrGulewicz’s own resources as well as donations.

If you are interested in supporting scholarships, please contact us at

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