The business has changed more in a decade than in the last hundred years. A powerful structural change is taking place in front of us, affecting most elements of the system in which we operate – including business.

Companies have found themselves in a situation where organizational solutions that were successfully used yesterday no longer work today. They seek the source of their problems in the economics and current events. However, current business problems are more rooted in past decisions than in the complexity and dynamics of the market.

The answer to emerging challenges is balance, which means e.g. increasing the number of women in high positions. Women constitute 52% of the population in Poland. The level of education and competence is not inferior to men, but only 28% of women sit in the Polish Sejm, and in corporations, the percentage of women in the highest positions is even lower. This means that when important decisions that affect all of us are made, women’s voices are not given the same consideration as men’s. An imbalance in any area always has negative consequences.

The challenges currently faced by businesses require the adoption of completely new management practices. Women – leaders are the key to solving many of them, bringing new, complementary to masculine, qualities to management. Creating new models of leadership, new definitions of business success, new approaches to making money, and changing the world.

Companies that will not be able to abandon the old methods of operation and carry out more significant organizational changes will lose their competitive advantage.

Time of “soft power”

An example of a “new world” leader is New Zealand’s Prime Minister- Jacinda Ardern, who announced her resignation by saying, “I believe you can be kind, but strong; empathetic but decisive; optimistic but focused. And that you can be your own kind of leader – one who knows when it’s time to go”.

This kind of “soft power” runs counter to traditional patriarchal images of strong leadership. And it is this element that women bring to business (and politics). For whom having ambitious goals and bold visions go hand in hand with who they are. With the values they represent and what they stand for.

And this is what women in business have been trying to do for years, for which they often paid a huge price. But now we won’t go any further if business continues to ignore the role of authenticity and integrity in leadership.

I am convinced that if more women take leadership roles, speaking loudly and firmly about their ideas, we will all benefit. After all, we are all tired of working under the influence of only cortisol and adrenaline, and women have the courage to combine business ambitions with the voice of their hearts, introducing some oxytocin and serotonin into the system. Giving a sense of security despite difficulties. Allowing not only their mind to speak up but also intuition and feelings, which sounds like madness to people who used to make business decisions based solely on Excel sheets.

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