It is not enough to engage your leaders in SOME leadership training because it might be a waste of your money and opportunities.

In this article, I want to encourage you to reflect on your current practices regarding the development of your top leaders and consider changes. Because that might positively impact your business bottom line. 

The Misguided Focus on One-Fits-All Solutions

Traditional training can’t work because it’s the same from company to company. Regardless of whether the company is a fast-food chain, health care, or financial services. Despite your current growth stage and specific needs.  

In addition- in too many cases, the approach to leadership training is detached from what the firm stands for in the eyes of customers and investors. 

Leadership practices are fragmentary and are seldom integrated with the company’s brand. Let alone with the daily operations and culture of the organization.

Developing vanilla leadership generates vanilla business outcomes. 

Many HR departments rely on a traditional approach. Focusing on developing the individual leader while they should invest in strategic outcome programs that persist even when individual executives leave. 

At DrGulewicz, we focus on leadership emphasizing the methods that secure the ongoing good of the company. At the same time we are building future leaders with personal qualities adapted to the company’s values.

Here are 5 principles of how to develop leadership strength at the company level.
  1. Focus on building a more general leadership capability instead of merely strengthening the abilities of individual leaders.
  2. Invest in leadership development programs that will help your managers gain the skills needed to meet customer and investor expectations.
  3. Build your strategic leadership brand to drive a reputation for developing exceptional managers with a distinct set of talents that are uniquely geared to fulfill customers’ and investors’ expectations. 
  4. Leverage digital strategies and opportunities for your business growth. 
  5. Engage your leaders to use their digital presence and authentic voice to gain trust that employees and managers in your company will consistently make good on the firm’s promises.

Business environment has changed dramatically in the last few years. The pace of technology adoption is expected to remain unabated and may accelerate in some areas. 

Digitalization, in parallel with the pandemic and recession, is creating a window of opportunity to reskill and upskill your executives. In this perspective new skills of strategic online presence and digital leadership became crucial. Yet a lot of companies have still been following the same- old path for decades now and failed to develop true leadership strength at the company level.

Ready to develop leadership at the company level? Let’s talk because we know how to do it. 

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