Do you spend time with people with a great positive mindset, a growth mindset? High achievers, and big dreamers? 

Or do you spend time in an unhealthy environment? 

Because this way you are ultimately going to also become unhealthy. 

Like it or not-

You are the average of 5 people closest to you. 

The good news is that you are in control of the people that you choose to surround yourself with. 

Those people are going to have a massive impact on your experience of life in every single way. That is why you need to be careful how you spend your time and energy.   

Because people we spend time with are either going to lift us up- encourage us, empower us, and elevate us – or they’re going to distract us and bring us down. 

Therefore it’s important to understand whom you need to surround yourself with, in order to create an environment that is most conducive to achieving your goals and dreams today.

In this post, I want to discuss about your friends.

What Is The Real Purpose Of A Friend

Let’s begin with the question of what is the real purpose of friends. 

I actually started to think what is the purpose of a friend for myself personally. 

I realized I need friends who have similar values as me. Who inspire and energize me… and to whom I’m excited to talk. A friend is someone I can trust. Who advises me properly if I come to them for that. 

And YES- a friend would be someone who I could laugh with and have fun with. But it is also someone who will say the truth straight to my face. And will be willing to tell me what they really think in order to help me get better. Friends would have my best interest in their minds. 

Now, you need to define what is the purpose of you having a friend – multiple friends, the network of friends. Why do you want it? What are they there for? How are they improving your life? 

Do you want somebody coming to you because it’s Friday night and you’re alone and got a fight with a partner or you don’t have one and says: “Hey, let’s get drunk crazy in the club”?

Is that the friend you want? 

Or do you want a friend who comes over to help you clarify your goals and keep you accountable to go for your dream life? Asking you the right questions like: “Are you moving forward or backward”.

What’s The Exchange? 

I really don’t need a lot of friends right now and if I have a friend I want them for a reason.

I don’t want people around just to spend time with unless it’s my celebration and it’s an intentional choice. I want something from a friend. I want to learn something, I want to be inspired, and I have to exchange with them too, and be willing to add and give value to their life as well. 

When you bring a friend into your life or you’re being a friend to someone what is the exchange? Are they enriching your life or are they vampires? Are you feeling like you’re just constantly helping but they’re not giving anything back and you’re just there to fix their problems? 

If you are clear on your mission in life you cannot afford to come off of your goal and go rescue dramatic people who call on you every time they get themself into trouble. If someone needs therapy, they should go hire a therapist. That is not the role of a friend or a spouse. 

Or maybe you are the vampire and you’re not giving anything back to your friends? 

There should definitely be an even exchange in the friendship. 

A Definition Of A Friend

A friend is someone you can trust and is supporting your cause. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean they agree with you all the time. It means that they are there to ask you the right questions whenever you’re not seeing something clearly. 

The real, true friend doesn’t give up on you because you don’t share their perspective or don’t see clearly enough. They would rather say: “I don’t agree with what you’re doing and here’s why” and walk you through it.

They make sure you do the right thing while pushing you to the next level because they know you would do the same for them too.

Where to Find The Right Friend

Finding the right room has never been easier than today.

All you need is to find a group of professionals, who want to work on themselves, who have their goals and ambitions, and who are there to do the work but also to support each other to become better. 

This is exactly why I created DrGulewicz – a global leadership excellence container for business leaders. To come together, develop, and support each other.

All you need to do is to find the right network. Then find a way to join it… and ENGAGE! 

If you want to have the right friend to become better and go to the next level you need to take responsibility for yourself and your environment.

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